REVEILLE, Thousand Hills Rotary Club --
Volume 28, Number 23, January 7, 2016, District 6040
GUESTS:  from the noon club: Charles Baldwin
Make up at one of the other two clubs in town: Noon Club, Wednesdays at Nazarene Church, Evening Club, Tuesdays, 5:15 at Wooden Nickel.
               On January 18th, MLK weekend they will be serving breakfast to the volunteers (the North Star club). They are looking for volunteers to provide breakfast items (casseroles, rolls/donuts, fruit trays) for that day. Contact Megan Bonham
               Glenda Hunt’s reception at the library on her retirement is Friday, January 8th – 3-5 pm; with a second one at the Dukum following.  It is also Fellowship Friday at the Dukum and you are encouraged to join other Rotarians there.
               Linette Page announced that Jim Bergman had agreed to be the President of our club for the 2017-18 year following Larry Burton.
               Tuesday, January 19th, 5:30 pm at the Dukum Inn is a Soup social involving all of the Rotary clubs – a separate announcement has been sent out.
               We are reminded that if you wish to make a donation to the Foundation in memory of Pat Murdock or Janet Gremaud’s mom, it should be done at one of the next two meetings. Make out check to the club; you will receive credit from the Foundation.
Janet Gremaud - $10 – Congrats!
Something new: when she was 6 she got a saddle and a pony to go with it! A great Christmas
Next Week
Prayer – Tyler George
Greeters: Courtney Bonnell & Mark Krueger
Jan 14 – Vocational Tech School
Jan 21 – Classification Talks – Matteson and Cagle
Elsie was recognized with a Level 3 honor because of the individuals she has sponsored to be a part of our club!  Thanks!
          Karla Dwyer reminded us that she and Pat Murdock were the co-chairs of the Reverse Raffle and the club is going to have to pitch in and help – as it always has.
          She said that she had been discussing with Pat the pros and cons of previous raffles. Among the pros were: it’s a positive money maker, great fellowship working together, increase in ticket sale. We started out with 100 tickets the first year; last year we sold 145 and then raffled off 5 more at the event.  The food was good from Coltons (they have agreed to cater again this year).
          Among the cons were the facility – we have outgrown the Shrine Club – too crowded, noise level high, sound system was bad.
          We are moving to the Moose Lodge this year – a larger venue, they are being accommodating and working with us; the bar tenders will be better. Karla said we needed a stage bookkeeper and Dave volunteered to do it again this year.  
          Marilyn and Terri talked about the fact that the silent and live auction items account for about half of our profit.  Marilyn said they really need everything in place by the first meeting in April, so a list can be put together for the guests.  She has a number of baskets (see above) that can be used to put together packages – you can get a basket from her, or supply her with the items and she’ll put it together. SATURDAY, APRIL 16TH – THE DATE!
          Terry Combs told us that in the 3 years that we have done this we have netted around $37,000! It has continued to grow each year.
          Terri Jones put together a basked (tray, Lottery tickets, candle, etc. Jim Wagner auctioned it off for us – Thanks Terry Combs for purchasing it for $45!
          (see attached for list of items that have sold the best at previous auctions!)
Wally Trosen, something about Moscow mule, Royals, Chiefs. Michelle Horvath put in for Pat; Dave Hurt said he’d missed a few meetings, and for lost friends; Heather Condon noted Pat, and when she first joined there was something about a speed limit; Pat warned her that Jim drove the speed limit. Ernie Loft also put in for Pat, honored to serve at the funeral. Larry Burton put in for Pat; sport scene keeps getting worse (his teams are losing). Martin Stitzer noted Pat, the Reverse Raffle, and his grandson. Karla Dwyer said she’s going to miss Pat, for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Reverse Raffle is April 16. Marilyn Romine said today is her mom’s 93rd birthday, and for Pat.  Bob Schneider said Happy New Year, for the new word from Kraft. Sue Schneider said Days for Girls is starting again this Saturday, 9 to 4. Shirley Baldwin put in for Pat (she had been her sponsor). Linette Page put in for Pat, and they have a new addition in their family, a cat that will only respond to Brett.  Scott Meredith also noted Pat and said December is over – too many things to do that month.  Bob Hardwick said his granddaughter turned 2 and a safe 2016 for everyone.  Christine Steele put in for Pat, and for Tae Kwon Do – kids said she’s won’t make it. Terry Combs put in for Pat, and for a better year. Bob Fredricks said he completed his 16th gallon of blood donations; and he reminded everyone that Pat was a faithful giver – need others to step up. Cindy Thompson also noted Pat, and the Reverse Raffle. Charles Baldwin said he would be gone a few months. Terri Jones put in for Pat, the basket – which included a lottery ticket.  Polly Matteson said the students are coming back; also for Pat. Elsie Gaber put in for Pat, the Hawaiian team is back, and what a great membership we have.  Pat Kurtzeman remembered Pat Murdock; Steve Hansen put in for the friends we have lost. Jim Bergman also noted Pat. Wayne Blackman put in for Pat, and for Alex Gordon who agreed to a new contract with the Royals. Jim Wagner noted Pat.  Brett Moser put for the Chiefs, for Pat, and he announced that he has taken a job in Kansas City and will be leaving this area this month.  Amy Eagan, noted Pat, and said how can you come back from Hawaii looking whiter?  Brita Hand said the team has a game on Saturday.  Tony van Soest said he was here; for Pat, and he finally brought the grandpa hat back to pass on (Scott got it!) Matt Wilson also remembered Pat, and said that it’s wrestling season again, his sons are enjoying it.  Courtney Bonnell put in for Pat, for pregnancy (and she can’t eat all that candy so she brought it to share.  For the chaos of lie, and they have sold their house, so they are moving to Kirksville.  Zach Springer noted that Pat had been so welcoming, as had the rest of the club.  He was so sure he was going to win the Power Ball- and then he wouldn’t be working today. He picked the power ball number and won $4 so it’s back to work. Tyler George said his wife got her LSAT score – very high and she can choose where she wants to go for graduate school.  He said he’s going along with her! For the basketball team, and for Pat.  Janet Gremaud said she was putting in her money to honor those that we have lost.  Linda Bowers put in for Pat, and for a better 2016 (we’ve lost too many!). Ed Ross also honored Pat.