REVEILLE, Thousand Hills Rotary Club --
Volume 28, Number 39, May 12, 2016, District 6040
GUESTS: GUESTS:  Debbie Snyder, Brie Anne Kite, Angie Kite
Make up at one of the other two clubs in town: Noon Club, Wednesdays at Nazarene Church, Evening Club, Tuesdays, 5:15 at Wooden Nickel.
               June 21st is the date for the joint installation event – at the Country Club
               May 14 there’s a long range planning for the club. 9:30-11:30, at ACAD classroom, 708 W. Potter
               Sunday, May 22nd at Jacob & Heather Condon’s home – a club social – signup sheet will be available next week, too.
               June 9th, there is Rotary Night at the KC Zoo, $10 per person
               Tuesday, 7 am at Rosie’s is this month’s board meeting.
               Jim Bergman told us that they are sending out a communiqué about the Interact Retreat, June 3-4; could use donations of any size to help make this a success.
Elsie Gaber - $10 - Congrats!
She said this wasn’t the 1st time to accept $10 – other time was when her dad gave it to her for being a “good” child.
Next Week
Prayer – Michelle Horvath
Greeters: Bob Fredricks & Larry Burton
May 19 –
May 22 – Club Picnic at the Condon’s
May 26 – Yoga with Kelly
June 21 – Joint Installation at the Country Club
Each year our club selects two individuals to receive the TOP TECH awards from our club – individuals who are students in the Vo-Tech who exemplify the good things that are seen in excellent students.
               This year Brie Anne Kite who is a senior in the Teaching Careers program received the award and the $500 scholarship from our club.
               Also receiving an award and scholarship was Dakota Parish in the Building Trades program.
               Brie, who was at the meeting with her mother, Angie, told us that she will start her education at MACC and then ultimately probably transfer to Buena Vista in Ottumwa to pursue her goal to become a teacher.
               Debbie Snyder who is Judy Duden’s daughter, told how her mother worked with Head Start, helped to start the infant-toddler center as the director.
               Because of the program, individuals who study in this area can achieve being a National Child Director Associate which opens job opportunities in many places.
               All of this was expanded to the Teaching Careers program, which offers college level classes in the area of teacher preparation.
               Debbie told us how Brie had been assigned to assist in Mrs. Quigley’s Kingergarten class. Mrs. Quigley was named “Teacher of the Year” and is retiring this year because of health problems.  Mrs. Quigley said that Brie carried her classroom in her absence, even when there was a substitute teacher there.
               She pointed out that the University of Missouri accepts only 18 students in such a program – but also noted that students finishing the program in the Tech Center would be qualified to enter that program.
Wally Trosen reminded us that Michelle Horvath is starring in “Plaza Suite” next week; and for the Spring concert on Monday evening.  Charles Baldwin told us that we need to keep our perspective right – and it’s not just a matter of keeping perfect attendance – he comes to our club because he wants to!  Dave Hurt said he was ready for the weather to dry up. Jane Hurt had nothing in particular to say – but she put her money in!  Elsie Gabe noted the Fireside Chat – enjoyed it; and for Michelle’s humor. Heather Condon put in for Sue and her work with Days4Girls. Larry Burton put in for the Cardinals and a great club. Michelle Horvath said she got to attend two great events this week – the ROTC commissioning, and the Monday evening concert. Rick Steele noted today’s program.  Martin Stitzer said he’s looking for us to dodge more thunderstorms.  Jon Peck said his daughter is leaving for several months on a missions trip to Guatemala, and for the Blues! Zach Springer said they met with Ranee Brayton, our newest prospective member. Mark Krueger said a happy belated Mother’s Day to everyone – he met Martin in the store buying flowers.  Bob Schneider said he and his wife are going to spend a week in a tree house in southern Missouri on the White River.  Alie Fast said that she had a great birthday; she enjoyed the cheese cake that Betsy had made; and the other day she was talking with a lady from Webster Groves, found out she had been Alie’s teacher in 3rd grade.  Shirley Baldwin said her auction is on May 21st, looking forward to it being over.  Linda Bowers was pleased to announce that her son was graduating from MU School of Nursing.  Linette Page found the 2nd snake in her house; and for the award winners. Matt Wilson put in for a good dry day.  Cindy Thompson said her garden is booming with all the rain.  Pat Kurtzeman showed us the beautiful quilt that is the quilting club’s raffle item – several commented they knew exactly where it would go in their home.  Sandra Williams was pleased to be at the ground breaking of the new Hampton Inn.  Jim Bergman gets to go to Kansas City this weekend, will take in a Royals game and will also get to golf in Kansas.  Sue Schneider announced that at their next meeting of Days 4 Girls they will finish assembling their first 100 kits! Congratulations.  Ed Ross said he enjoyed being a greeter this morning with Sue – forced him to get here early.  Christine Steele said she had trouble pulling up some Rotary information on the computer but got help.  Terry Combs put in for the Blues win last evening, and for the scholarship winners.  Scott Meredith noted a great day.  Bob Fredricks put in for the Cardinals win, for the Blues win and for the Monday evening concert.  Jim Wagner told Mark that he should plant the flowers in the ground, not just throw them there.  Steve Peterson was pleased to tell us that his wife is graduating with her nursing degree.  Wayne Blackman was excited about the Blues win. Janet Gremaud said she enjoyed being at the packing up of our Shoes contribution: 204 pair of shoes, 90 pairs of socks and $100!