Rotary Club of Kirksville
11 JULY 2019
Program: District 6040 Global Grants;
Karyn Eppler
Karyn Eppler is the district Global Grants chairperson.  She talked to us today about the process of obtaining a global grant. She stated that the foundation funds fuel the ability for the district to award grant funds.  Money donated to the foundation is given back, in part, to the district in the form of grant funds after three years of accruing interest in the foundation. There are very specific rules that guide the global grants process.  Karyn told us that the project for a global grant must cost a minimum of $30,000, and that the project must fall within the scope of one of the six Rotary International areas of focus.  She showed us a video of some of the grants that have been awarded in the past and some that are currently being funded. Our club was recognized in the video as a "People of Action" award winner for the work we do with our Days for Girls project.  Karyn is pictured below with Club President Jon Peck.
Our club received thank you notes from the students we sponsored for girls and boys state, as well as the students that attended the National FBLA competition in San Antonio.

We presented a check to Frank Vorhees from the MOOSE LODGE, for their efforts in supporting our Reverse Raffle each year.  Pictured below are Rotarians Karla Dwyer and Jon Peck, and Moose Lodge representative Frank Vorhees.
Blessing Bowl: Larry Burton -  $5.  When Larry was just out of high school he worked at a factory and drove a 1964 Fairlane that did not always run very well.  One evening he came off work and his car would not go into drive. He drove 15 miles home, to Cooter, MO, in reverse!
Thanks to Karyn Eppler, Jeff Romine, Sam Wilson, Robert Collinge, and Frank Vorhees for joining us today!
Upcoming Events:
July 16th:         NEMO Fair Complimentary Luncheon.  See flyer above for details.
July 18th:         Regular Club meeting.  Wally T. and Linnette P. are the greeters and Jaren H. will lead us
                           in prayer.
July 25th:         Regular Club meeting.  Karla D. and Zach S. are the greeters and Matt W. will lead us
                           in prayer.
July 27th:        RLI Part One here in Kirksville.  If you are interested let Marilyn R. know.
August 1st:      Regular Club meeting.  Janet G. and Joe S.. are the greeters and Linda B. will lead us
                           in prayer.
August 10th:   Movie in the Park hosted by our club.  WonderPark is the movie.  More details will come
                           as the time gets closer to the event.
August 17th:   REAL Training in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for more details.
September 14th:  North Star BBQ.  Jeff A. is putting a team together for our club.  Contact Jeff if you are                                  interested.
September 14th:  RLI Training Parts I, II, and III in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for details if you are                                  interested.
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn parking lot.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
Jon P. put in a dollar for a great year, and said that he is having a big family reunion at his home this weekend. Pat K. put in for our guests. Shirley B. announced that her brother in law’s recent tests came back and he remains cancer free. Linette P. put in for our guests and said that she had a good weekend last week with her grandkids. Andrea O. said that she broke her foot last week. Rick S. put in a dollar for Pat. Wally T. put in for our guests. Larry B. said that he would appreciate some prayers for his mother in law, who is in the ICU. Wayne B. put in a dollar for Karla winning the women’s shootout last weekend at the country club. Karla D. put in a dollar for Jon P., for her sister’s move being completed, and for Joe S. engagement. Joe S. put in his dollar but had “no comment”. Marilyn R. put in for the program and for her husband the plumber. Jeff R. put in for our speaker. Michelle W. said that her clinic is growing and she is very busty traveling. She also said that her daughters have had a great summer – one at RYLA and the other at JBA. Ed R. put in for Ernie the repairman. Courtney B. said she is glad to be back with us after missing a few weeks. Matt W. was happy that his son, Sam, joined us today. Sandra W. put in for the program and our guests. Jeff A. is looking forward to a trip to Honduras. Elsie G. put in for Sam and Karyn visiting us today. Steve P. congratulated Joe on his engagement. Karyn E. put in a dollar and thanked our club for its hospitality. Jaren H. is looking forward to spending some time with his brothers this weekend. Terry C. put in for “technology”.
July 18th- Christine Steele; Foster Parent Program
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