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16 January 2020
Program: Shirley Riley; US Cadet Nurse Corps
Shirley’s mother, Doris Kent, was inducted into the US Cadet Nurse Corps in 1944, during WW II. Prior to Pearl Harbor there was a nursing shortage in the country. This shortage was recognized when 20-25% of working nurses joined the war effort. Many healthcare locations were without nursing care, so the government formed the US Cadet Nurse Corps.

The Corps was an all-female organization. Male nurses were given non-nursing jobs. Recruitment efforts included posters, uniforms, and education. The program provided young women who may not have otherwise been able to afford it, an opportunity to be trained as nurses. From 1943-1948 the women of the Cadet Nurse Corps provided about 80% of the country’s nursing care. For the next 50 years, these same women were the core of the nation’s nursing population.

Shirley spoke about how the efforts to have the women of the Cadet Nurse Corps recognized as veterans. They are the only uniformed corps of WW II to not have veteran status. See the attached flyer regarding ways that individuals can help with this effort.
Pictured above (left) is club president Jon Peck, with Shirley Riley.
Start thinking about donations to the live and silent auctions, as well as the wine grab, for the reverse raffle. Consider what job you want for the evening and let Karla or someone on the committee know.  We need everyone there to make this night successful.
Below is the list of greeters for the first half of 2020.  
Our club donated $500 to the United Way.  Pictured are club president Jon Peck with Rotarian and United Way representative, Janet Gremaud.
Blessing Bowl: Bob Hardwick - Absent.
Shirley Riley and Bob Collenge.
January 20th:     11:30AM at Wooden Nickle. Meet to discuss the joint club sponsored community grant.
January 23rd:     Regular Club meeting.
January 28th:     Noon club's annual soup supper at 5:30PM, Dukumm Inn.  
January 30th:     Regular Club meeting.
February 6th:      Regular Club meeting. Meet in the small conference room in the cafeteria.
February 13th:    Regular Club meeting. Meet in the small conference room in the cafeteria.
February 23rd:   Rotary Birthday party 2-4 at KVCC. Karl Chinnery will be the speaker. 
March 24-26th:  Tantara District Conf.
March 28th:        PETS training.
April 1st-29th:     GSE team will be in our district.
April 20th and 27th:    RLI Part III in Kirksville 5:30-8:30PM at CVA.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
The overwhelming majority of the members put in a dollar for the Chiefs game on Sunday. Additionally, Larry B. put in for great weather. Christine S. is ready for a nice, quiet, long weekend. Jon P. Put in for the memory of Dr. Deb Kerby – the Dean of the School of Business at Truman who passed away this week. Wally T., Rick S., Joe S., and Linette P. all put in for the program. Elsie G. put in for the Packers, and for Shirley Riley visiting us today. Bob C. put in a dollar to promote the fundraiser his dental students are doing. Dawood A. said he is happy to be back after a trip overseas. Marilyn R. put in for the loss of Deb Kerby. Wayne B. is happy to be back after missing a few weeks. Sandra W. put in for the program – Shirley Riley, and for Dr. Kerby and her family. Troy P. said that he met Patrick Mahomes’ family photographer at a game. Janet G. had a good visit with family in Saint Louis. Matt W. put in for our military members and for those in Australia dealing with the fires. Jeff A. said he hopes everyone is having a great year. Terry C. said he appreciates Mahomes’ calm and collected demeanor. Andrea O. took her son on a visit to Creighton. Sue S. put in for the program and announced there is a Days for Girls work day this Saturday. Jim B. put in for Deb Kerby. Zach S. put in for late nights and early mornings.  Doug N. put in for the Packers, said his son is interviewing for a scholarship in Springfield, and that his daughter is on the dean’s list there. Courtney said she is happy to be here.
We are in need of programs - if you have ideas please contact Sandra Williams. 
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