Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
12 September 2019
PROGRAM: Membership Committee Chairperson:  Jeff Arp
Jeff talked about club membership and how we can make strides to positively impact it this year.  He said that our club numbers have been pretty stable over the last several years, but we need to gain members this year, and he gave several examples of things the club will be doing or at least considering in order to make that happen.  Some of the things he talked about were being more inclusive of Rotaract members and inviting them to events and meetings, developing a family or couples membership option so that couples that want to join might be able to take advantage of a lower dues rate, and reinstating a monthly social event at someone’s home or a local establishment.  He also mentioned that we need to ensure that every member has a role to play in the organization so everyone feels involved and that they are providing value to the club.  One way to do this, especially with new members is to get them on a committee that they are passionate about immediately.  Generally speaking, members that are not involved are more apt to leave the club over time. The other thing Jeff talked about was to promote that Rotary provides leadership (and other) opportunities for its members.  Sometimes we focus too much on what someone can do for the community or cause and the club through becoming a member, and forget to mention how being a member can help to develop leadership skills and facilitate networking with business owners and community leaders; both of which can be very helpful to the member him/herself. So membership in Rotary is mutually beneficial to the member and the club…so let’s go get some new members!  Jeff is pictured below with Club President, Jon Peck.
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We ordered so many shirts that the Stitching Post gave us a better deal than we we quoted on the price.  Everyone will save $2 on the cost of their T-shirt.  If you have not paid yet, please pay Jon P. at your earliest convenience.
A note from the grill master, Jeff A. ... "It may not seem like there is much to do most of the day but when cooking large quantities of meat, when you need an extra pair of hands (or a couple extra pair of hands), you need them RIGHT NOW!  If you have not signed up for a slot of time but are available to help if needed, please text your name and number to Jeff at (515)868-9138 to let him know. Thank You"  Jeff is also speaking to the Wayne State Football team Saturday morning and has a large event happening with the Francophone community Saturday afternoon and evening. So all of our help and presence will definitely be needed at the North Star BBQ event.  Thank you Jeff, and everyone who has had a hand in putting our team together.
Congratulations to Courtney Bonnell for completing her MBA!  And also for being selected as our club representative for the upcoming ROTARY and MIZZOU ALUMNI and ROTARY BLOOD DRIVE.  See flyer below and if you have any questions ask Courtney.
Today was a work day for our club as we prepared the dictionaries with our club stickers and the Rotary Wheel sticker.  Each year our club gives every third grader in the area their very own dictionary to keep.
Blessing Bowl: Zach S. - $5. Zach said that when he was a freshman in high school, and again when he was a senior, he went to Australia to run the City to Surf 14K race.  There were about 50,000 people in the race and one year he came in at #458!
Roberta Donahue
September 14th:  North Star BBQ.  Jeff A. is putting a team together for our club.  Contact Jeff if you are                                  interested - see note in the announcements above.
September 14th:  RLI Training Parts I, II, and III in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for details if you are                                  interested.
September 19th:  Regular club meeting.  Terry C. and Courtney B. are the greeters and Zach S. will lead
                                us in prayer.
September 26th:  Rotary and Mizzou Alumni Blood Drive.  See flyer above. Courtney B. is our club's                                          contact person for information about this event.
September 26th:  Regular club meeting.  Aaron P. and Andrea O. are the greeters and Martin S. will lead
                                will lead us in prayer.
October 1st:          District Governor, Mark Horner, will be at the Nazarene church for a visit.  Program                                      begins at 5:30PM. 
October 10th:       Josh Alton, comedian will present a wholesome and funny evening at Whippoorwill
                                Acres on Hwy 63 Lancaster. Tickets are $20 each if purchased prior to the show. At the
                                door, they will be $25.00. Seating is limited. Contact Elise G. or Susan Chidester
                                with questions.
October 16-21:     Rotary Group Study Exchange will be in the area and they are looking for host families
                                to put them up in the evenings.  If you are interested please contact Marilyn R.  
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn parking lot.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.
Courtney B. is glad to be done with school. Jon P. said that his daughter’s wedding is three weeks away. Christine S. put in a dollar for Jeff A. and the BBQ competition this weekend. Pat K. said she will be at RLI and the BBQ on Saturday. Wally T. put in for Jeff A. Aaron P. and Joe S. put in a dollar for the cardinals.  Marilyn R. said today is her son’s 41st birthday. Linette P. and Elise G. put in for Jeff A. and the BBQ.  Karla D. said she is a Hawkeye football fan, in case anyone did not know. Wayne B. put in for the program. Terry C., Rick S., and Linda B. all put in for Direct Support Professionals week. Zach S. said that he is happy to have completed the national and state level broker’s exam. Steve P. said that he is happy for fall sports. Janet G. put in for the United Way kick-off.  Jeff A. mentioned the AM Housing project and another project he works on called The Warrior’s Journey.  Jim B. is happy that he got to spend last weekend with his grandkids. Ernie L. put in a dollar for Jeff A.’s work representing our club in the BBQ competition.
September 19th: MACC - Dee Coleman
September 26th:  Daily Express Changes - Jason
October 3rd:  ATSU Programs - Dr. Margaret
October 10th:  Thousand Hills State Park - Ryan
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