Rotary Club of Kirksville
25 JULY 2019
Program: KLIFE;
Joel and Megan Gordon
Joel and Megan are the co-directors of KLIFE in Kirksville. KLIFE is a para-church, non-profit organization that offers fun, faith-based programming for youth in the community during the school year. It is designed to complement church groups and not take the place of them. With that in mind they are very intentional about which days they schedule programming so not to interfere with church youth groups. The K in KLIFE actually stands for Kanakuk (not Kirksville).  KLIFE is a national organization with more than 25 chapters in operation throughout at least 8 different states.  For more information on the history of KLIFE go to their website at .  The Kirksville chapter is unique in that it has roughly 50 college-age adult volunteers that help run the programming.  Joel and Megan are the only paid employees. KLIFE brings youth together to get to know one another, build a sense of community, raise spiritual awareness, and have fun after school at least one evening per week. There are programs for children in 1st-5th grade, 6th -12th grade, and they also do some programming with the Bruce Normal Center and youth in Preferred Health programs.  
Joel and Megan moved to Kirksville from the Kansas City area just a couple months ago to take over their new roles at KLIFE.  In the Kansas City area they were both music teachers.  Joel taught band and Megan taught choir. Both, however, are familiar with Kirksville.  They graduated from Truman and were involved in KLIFE during their college years.  Megan actually grew up in Kirksville and graduated from KHS. You may remember her as Megan Huber. They are excited to start this new chapter in their lives at KLIFE, and are happy to be back in Kirksville.
Pictured below, from left, are Rotarian Steve Petersen and Megan and Joel Gordon.
Terry Combs said there are several open seats on the Missouri Foundation for Health Council board.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the organization or the opportunity to serve on the board please let him know.
Blessing Bowl: Karla Dwyer -  $5.  Absent.
Thanks to Bob Collenge, and Joel and Megan Gordon for joining us today!
July 27th:        RLI Part One here in Kirksville.  If you are interested let Marilyn R. know.
August 1st:      Regular Club meeting.  Janet G. and Joe S.. are the greeters and Linda B. will lead us
                           in prayer.
August 8th:     Regular Club meeting.  Steve P. will greet us and Rick S. will lead us in prayer.
August 10th:   Movie in the Park hosted by our club.  WonderPark is the movie.  More details will come
                           as the time gets closer to the event.
August 15th:    Regular Club meeting.  Chanda C. and Jaren H. will greet us, and Karla D. will lead us in                              prayer.
August 17th:   REAL Training in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for more details.
September 14th:  North Star BBQ.  Jeff A. is putting a team together for our club.  Contact Jeff if you are                                  interested.
September 14th:  RLI Training Parts I, II, and III in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for details if you are                                  interested.
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn parking lot.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
Christine S. was not there but gave Pat K. her dollar and said to tell everyone "HI". Pat K. had a good time at her family reunion last week. Shirley B. said her daughter is coming to town this weekend to attend Carl's HS reunion. Wally T. put in for work, and our guests. Marilyn R. put in for the weather and said that her husband wanted to let us all know that Linette P. was walking by his house so fast that all he saw was a blur.  He only recognized her by her voice as she said hello. Linette P. put a dollar in for our guests and the Cardinals. Joe S. put in for the Cardinals. Bob C. said that they broke ground on his new house recently. Elsie G. and Rick S. put in for our guests and the program. Zach S. said he had a good week. Wayne B. said he had a great time at the Patriots Day golf outing in honor of Matt Lewellen last week. Larry B. said he hopes for a better week next week - his family is dealing with the loss of a loved one and his mother in law is still in the hospital. Troy P. put in for the Chiefs. Linda B. is happy that she has made it to Rotary for two straight weeks. Janet G. had a nice vacation with her husband to Niagara Falls. Sandra W put in for our guests and program. Steve P. and Jim B. put in a dollar for KLIFE. Terry C. put in for the MO Foundation for Health. Doug N. said that his wife went to Los Angeles to see a doctor to try and fix a spinal condition that had been causing her headaches for the last three years and the procedure worked.  She is no longer having migraines! Jeff A. had a good trip to Honduras and retold the joke he tried to tell before he left, remembering the punchline this time.  He was disappointed that he got more laughs when he forgot the punchline!
August 1st: David lee - Veterans Service Officer for the Missouri Veterans Commission
August 8th: Gabby Woodward - RYLA presentation
August 15th: Open - tell Sandra W. you interesting ideas for programs.
August 22nd: Keith Jackson an Bill Castles - United Way
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