Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
23 January 2020
Program: Alexander Pearce;
Competitive Sport Stacking
Club member Aaron Pearce, son Alexander, spoke to us about competitive sport staking this week and Alexander gave us a demonstration on speed-stacking cups. Alexander is 9 years old and in the third grade at Ray Miller. He became interested in cup stacking last year when he was introduced to it at school. He has become quite good at it in under a year’s time. Aaron said that Alexander will spend hours watching youtube videos and tutorials, and practicing his techniques at home.

Competitive sport stacking became popular in the US 1980s and 90s, and is known around the world today. The official, professional, organization that regulates competitive sport stacking is the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA). Benefits of participating in sport stacking include improved hand-eye coordination, right/left brain activation and bilateral coordination, exercise, and focus/concentration/dexterity.
The cups come in a variety of sizes, from shot glass (mini) size, to solo cup size, to large sand pale (jumbo) size. Alexander demonstrated his skills with both the mini and regular size cups, and it was very impressive how quickly he could stack and unstack the cups.
There are many different patterns a stacker has to execute in competition. The world record for one of the most popular formations is 4.813 seconds. Alexander’s fastest time for that same formation so far is 7.6. He showed us that he can even stack them blindfolded! What a great program – thanks to the Pearce’s for sharing Alexander’s incredible talent with us.
Pictured above (from left) is club president Jon Peck, with Alexander Pearce, and his dad Aaron.
Start thinking about donations to the live and silent auctions, as well as the wine grab, for the reverse raffle. Consider what job you want for the evening and let Karla or someone on the committee know.  We need everyone there to make this night successful.
The noon club is starting a new signature fundraising event of flying the flag in Kirksville.  There are six flag related holidays throughout the year that the club will put up and take down a flag in your yard. This hopes are that many in each neighborhood will participate and it will be a very nice, patriotic look to the neighborhood on these six days of the year. The cost will be $50 for a year, or $75 for two years.  There will be more detailed information coming about when and how to subscribe.
Jeff Arp is our membership committee chair. He is going to have a meeting very soon. If you are interested in serving on the membership committee with Jeff please let him know.
Below is the list of greeters for the first half of 2020.  
Blessing Bowl: Courtney Bonnell - Absent.
Alexander Pearce, Jeff Romine,  and Bob Collenge.
January 28th:     Noon club's annual soup supper at 5:30PM, Dukumm Inn.  
January 30th:     Regular Club meeting.  Program committee will meet immediately following.
February 6th:      Regular Club meeting. Must start on time and be out of the room by 7:50AM
February 13th:    Regular Club meeting. Must start on time and be out of the room by 7:50AM
February 23rd:   Rotary Birthday party 2-4 at KVCC. Karl Chinnery will be the speaker. 
March 24-26th:  Tantara District Conf.
March 28th:        PETS training.
April 1st-29th:     GSE team will be in our district.
April 20th and 27th:    RLI Part III in Kirksville 5:30-8:30PM at CVA.
April 24th-26th:           District Conference.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Wally T. said it’s nice to have Alexander with us today, and that he is going to the Super Bowl. Aaron P. put one in for the program. Joe S. put in for the Chiefs. Linette put in for the program and the Chiefs. Karla D. put in a dollar for the Chiefs, and Iowa Hawkeye basketball. Larry B. said he is looking forward to the program, and said he had a good poker game at his house last week. Elsie G. is speechless-mourning the end of the Packers season. Bob C. and Dawood A. are just glad to be here. Marilyn R. put in for Elsie helping with the Rotaract Warm Up Kirksville event last week, and is happy to be back from Iowa. Jeff R. said they had a great trip to Iowa with family. Troy P. said he is also going to the Super Bowl. Wayne B. put in for the Chiefs and the program. Jeff A. is happy to see that we had a meeting this morning. Joe N. put in for the program. Steve P. put in a dollar for Marilyn R. and the snow. Shirley B. put in for the program and said her and Pat had a great trip to AZ. Christine S. put in for the program and Bill’s snowblower. Pat K. put in for the trip to AZ, and the program. Jim B. put in for the program. Jon P. put in for the Chiefs and the program. Zach S. also put in a dollar for the Chiefs.
We are in need of programs - if you have ideas please contact Sandra Williams. 
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