Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
31 October 2019
PROGRAM: KPD Regional Computer Crimes Unit; 
Detective Steve Feeney
Steve Feeney is a detective with the Kirksville Police Department and part of his duties are to investigate computer crimes against children.  The Kirksville Regional Computer Crimes Unit covers 13 counties in northeast Missouri. It is a grant funded unit that has been funded in this area for the last seven years.  In addition to investigating crimes Detective Feeney is also for educating students in the region on cyberbullying and internet safety. Steve said the victims of the crimes his unit investigates are in this area but that does not always mean that the perpetrators are.  Since these crimes are online the criminals could be located anywhere in the country.  Due to this he frequently travels to other parts of the nation, and is regularly in contact with the other 60 task forces like the one in Kirksville to coordinate investigations. The cased load of the KPD computer crimes unit is roughly 60 per year. Steve said that it is not a 9-5 job and he has to keep pretty irregular hours to identify criminals in this environment. The work is taxing emotionally, as he often sees people committing horrbile crimes against young kids, but he said it is rewarding when the work pays off and one of these criminals is taken off the streets and brought to justice.
This morning we welcomed our newest club member - Dawood Afzal!  Membership Chair Jeff Arp and Dawood are pictured above.
Welcome to the Club Dawood!
Happy Birthday to Shirley Baldwin and Elsie Gaber!
Blessing Bowl: Ernie Loft - $20. Ernie said he grew up in Sheby County on a farm and retired as a Master Sergeant from the National Guard after 27 years of service.
This morning we were joined by the following guests:
Bob Collenge, Jeff Romine, Ron Gaber, Rotaract members Wyatt and Alex, Steve Feeney,  Kasey Higgins, and Bretta Alstrom.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
November 7th:     Regular Club meeting.  Janet G. and Zach S. will greet us and Linda B will lead us in
November 8th:    CVA Showcase at Newman Center.  Social starts at 5PM and dinner will be served at 6.
November 11th:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two will be in Kirskville from 5:45 - 8:45 on the 11th
                                and 21st.
November 14th:  Regular Club meeting.  Steve P. and Doug N. will greet us and Andrea O. will lead us in
November 21st:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two (Second Session).
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.
December 13th:   Foster Kids Christmas.  Time and location announcement will be coming soon.  
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Jon P. said happy birthday to Shirley and Elsie. Jim B. said today is also his girlfriend’s. Christine S. is happy that Dawood is joining us.  Shirley B. put in for a good day.  Pat K. put in a dollar for birthdays.  Sandra W. is thankful for her husband who cleaned the snow off her car. Aaron P. is protesting winter, and also put in a dollar for his son getting a Rotary dictionary this week. Karla D. put in for fall weather, and birthdays. Joe S. put in for birthdays. Marilyn R. put in for her sister and thanked everyone in the club for their thoughts, prayers, and kindness. Jeff R. Ditto’d what Marilyn said. Elsie G. put in for having Ron and the ATSU Rotaract members with us this morning. Ron G. put in for birthdays and Rotaract. Bob C. is just happy to be here. Dawood A. is happy to see Ron this morning. Zach S. is happy for deer season with the kids this weekend. Matt W. put in for KHS volleyball and his daughter.  Rick S. put in for Kasey H. and for city’s proclamation for Rotary. Troy P. put in a dollar for the birthdays. Janet G. put in for being back, and said that her son’s wedding was wonderful. Steve P. put in for the weather. Linette P. put in for the birthday girls. Kasey H. thanked everyone for welcoming him back to the community. Terry C. said it’s good to have Kasey back and put in a dollar for the Nationals winning their first world series. Wayne B. put in for a good day. Jeff A. is thankful for the crowd this morning. Ernie L. is happy that quail season starts tomorrow.
November 7th:  Rotary Foundation - Marilyn
November 14th:  US Department of Agriculture -     
                               Jeff Case
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