Rotary Club of Kirksville - Thousand Hills
March 21, 2019
Program: Reverse Raffle Committee
Karla Dwyer, Marilyn Romine, Terri Jones, and Wayne Blackman talked about the reverse raffle.  We still need wine and silent auction items.  Contact Marilyn or Terri if you have ideas to share or items/money to donate. We need all members at the event to help make the night run smoothly.  Every member there must purchase a ticket.  If you have tickets to sell and cannot sell them contact Wayne.  If you need tickets contact Wayne.  The Reverse Raffle is on APR 13th at the Moose Lodge.  This is the 7th year that we will have run the event, and Karla reminded us how this all got started when she was president of the club, and our good friend and fellow Rotarian, Pat Murdock, brought the idea forward.  The first year we raised $9,000, and each year since has raised more than the last.  Last year we raised over $20,000 from this one event.  It is a fun night and the proceeds from the evening allow us to give generously to charitable causes all year long. Pat's sister and daughter will be in attendance this year.  It is fitting that we remember Pat, and the legacy she left behind on this occasion.  The Reverse Raffle is, among so many other things, a constant reminder of Pat's "service above self" spirit, and a time to remember what a wonderful friend, Rotarian, and person she was.


The Chamber, and many local businesses are sponsoring the April Showers give-aways again this year.  For detailed information see the flyer below. 
Take your red shirts in to the Stitching Post to get the Rotary logo embroidered on them. Cost is $5 and it takes about a week to get it done, so get them in soon if you want it done before the reverse raffle.
Thank you to Matt Wilson for conducting a cyber - bullying session at the Middle School last week. 
Blessing Bowl: Troy Pinkerton - was on the first high school team to play at Pfeiffer Field in town.
No guests this week.
Upcoming Events:
March 28th:   Regular club meeting.  We will be greeted by Scott Meredith and Sue Schneider.  Marilyn
                          Romine will lead us in prayer.
March 30th:    Unionville Rotary Trivia Night.  See flyer below.
April 3rd:         Noon Club will draw the winner of the Freezer of Meat Raffle.  Contact a Noon Club
                           member if you want tickets.  $10 each for a chance to win a freezer filled with beef, pork,
                           and lamb.
April 5th:         CVA fundraiser at Catholic Newmann Center, starting at 5PM.  Tickets are $25 each. 
                           Point of contact is Rick S.
April 13th:       Reverse Raffle! 
April 18th:       Renaissance Breakfast at KHS.
May 4th:          Strategic planning meeting for the Club.  More information on time and place to follow as
                          the event gets closer.
May 11th:        YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Dueling Pianos event, at the Shrine Club. Corporate
                          Sponsorship is $1,500 and VIP Sponsorship is $1,000.  Sponsorship gets you 8 seats and
                          lots of extra perks at the event.  Contact Jim Bergman for details.
May 16th:        Business After Hours hosted by the Dukum and CVA at the Dukum Inn.  5-7PM, with a
                           brief program at 6PM.
August 10th:   Movie in the Park hosted by our club.  WonderPark is the movie.  More details will come
                           as the time gets closer to the event.
Christine S. said it was good to be back. Shirley B. and Pat K. put in for the program. Doug N. said he was happy to have hid twins home over spring break. Aaron P. put in a dollar for missing last week. Terri J. put in a dollar and said she has been here two weeks in a row! Wally T., Karla D., and Wayne B. all put in for March Madness. Marilyn R. put in for Christine. Steve P. is thankful for all the work the Reverse Raffle committee does. Joe S. put in for the Reverse Raffle, and the Cardinals. Jon P. had a nice trip to Hawaii last week. Joe N. said he and his wife's birthdays are coming up next week. Linda B. is excited for her water aerobics class, and is happy to have Ernie back! Zach S. put in for KBSA starting. Rick S. put in for a good week. Chanda C. said LaPlata baseball season started off with a win. Troy P. is happy for spring sports. Bob H. said his great niece was on the Ellen show! Martin S. is happy for spring. Sue S. put in for all of her Rotary friends. Jim B. said he is happy to get to spend time with his grandkids. Elsie G. said she got to see friends that she has known for 45 years last week. Ernie L. put in a dollar for good weather.
MAR 28: 4 Way Speech Contest
APR 04:  Jill Stidham - New floral and
                  honey business
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