Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
01 August 2019
Program: Missouri Veterans Commission;
David Lee
David Lee works for the Missouri Veterans Commission as the Veterans Service Officer in the NEMO region.  He could not be with us as scheduled this morning because of a last minute work conflict, but he wanted to let us know that his office is in the first floor of the courthouse building, and that his role is to help any veteran or family member of a veteran navigate the VA system, in any capacity. He is not an employee of the VA, but an employee of the state with the purpose of advocating for veterans and ensuring they receive the VA benefits to which they are entitled.  If you have any questions about VA benefits contact him at or 660.785.2460.
Our meeting on September 5th will be at The Pines.
This Saturday, the Friends of the Library is holding a book sale.  Set up for the sale begins at 9:30, and they are looking for volunteers.  No sign up or RSVP required.  Just show up if you want to help.
Blessing Bowl: Wally Troesen -  $10.  Wally got his maters degree at the University of Utah. He chose to go to school there mostly because he liked to ski.
No visitors today.
August 8th:     Regular Club meeting.  Steve P. will greet us and Rick S. will lead us in prayer.
August 10th:   Movie in the Park hosted by our club.  WonderPark is the movie.  More details will come
                           as the time gets closer to the event.
August 15th:    Regular Club meeting.  Chanda C. and Jaren H. will greet us, and Karla D. will lead us in                              prayer.
August 17th:   REAL Training in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for more details.
September 5th:    Regular Club meeting will be held at THE PINES. 
September 14th:  North Star BBQ.  Jeff A. is putting a team together for our club.  Contact Jeff if you are                                  interested.
September 14th:  RLI Training Parts I, II, and III in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for details if you are                                  interested.
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn parking lot.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
Jon P. is happy to be home from sailing last week and said that his daughter is getting married in September. Shirley B. put in for a great weekend with Pat in Columbia. Pat K. put in for spending time with Shirley and her daughter, Jill. Aaron P. put in a few bucks for missing some weeks and for the Chamber golf tournament tomorrow. Wally T. put in for the good weather and the Chiefs. Zach S. said his wife is traveling to TX, and Tanya’s dad gave his son a bright orange mustang. Jaren H. put in for the Chamber golf tournament. Sandra W. put in for the golf tournament and for the program committee. Steve P. said he played his first round of golf this year, last week.  Linda B. put in for water aerobics. Martin S. put in for all the work his company is doing around town, his eventual retirement, for friends that have passed recently, and for the grandkids. Elsie G. brought some jokes for Jeff A. Joe N. put in a few dollars for missing a few weeks, and for a family get together last weekend. Troy P. put in for his brother’s 40th birthday today. Rick S. put in for the time capsule. Marilyn R. said she had a good weekend in STL last weekend, and put a dollar in for the club. Jim B. put in for the program. Terry C. put in for his son Hunter, who won the junior golf tournament, and for the Cardinals. Ernie put in for farming.
August 8th: Gabby Woodward - RYLA presentation
August 15th: Open - give Sandra W. your interesting ideas for programs.
August 22nd: Keith Jackson and Bill Castles - United Way
September 5th: Meet at The Pines!
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