Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
14 November 2019
PROGRAM: The US Department of Agriculture; 
Shane Eberling
Shane talked to us about the USDA Rural Development Program. Shane is the Area One Director in Missouri.  The state has only four Rural Development area, so he covers a lot of counties in the region and hi job involves a lot of travel. Rural Development is divided into three segments—business, housing, and rural utilities. The loan program of rural development is a large part of what the agency does. Shane shared lots of fact sheets and pamphlets with us about the various programs and assistance available through USDA. It is one of the only governmental agencies that can build a community from the ground up. The Adair County office is located at 2410 S. Franklin Street.
Pictured above are Club President Jon Peck and Shane Eberling.
December 14th is our day for Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  Sign up sheet will be available next week.  Please check your availability and sign up if you have the time.  We hope to get enough people signed up this year to do one hour shifts and not two hours. 
ATSU Rotaract is looking for support with an effort to “Warm up Kirksville” by making and donating blankets to the local Community Mission, for the purpose of being given to the homeless and less fortunate. More information on how our club, or you individually, can be a part of this fellowship will be coming soon.
Our club received many thank you notes from third graders who received their dictionaries last month.
Below is the list of greeters for the first half of 2020.  if you are on here and do not wish to greet or pray please let Steve P. know and you will be taken off.  If you are on here for a day that you know you will not be available please find a someone to stand in for that day.
Blessing Bowl: Wayne Blackman - absent.
This morning we were joined by Casey Higgins and Shane Eberling.
November 21st:   Regular Club meeting.  Jaren H. and Chanda C. will greet us and Rick S. will lead us in
November 21st:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two (Second Session).
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.  11:30 - 1 at Student Union Building on the Truman campus.
November 28th:  Thanksgiving - No meeting.
December 5th:     Regular Club meeting.  Jeff A. and Terri J. will greet us and Jim B. will lead us in
December 12th:   Christmas breakfast gathering at Jon Peck's house - 7AM.
December 13th:   Foster Kids Christmas.  Time and location announcement will be coming soon.  
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club.
December 19th:   Regular Club meeting.  Elsie G. and Rick S. will greet us and Jon P. will lead us in
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Jon P. is happy for deer season and to have Casey back. Jim B. said he enjoys spending time with his grandkids. Pat K. put in for the FLATS trailhead and nature playground. Shirley B. put in for a good day, and for her brother who is heading out West. Jaren H. said that his favorite day this year was fall. Terry C. thanked everyone who came to support the CVA showcase last weekend. Joe S. said the Cardinals manager was chosen as the manager of the year. Andrea O. hoped everyone has a good day. Larry B. is happy for the Thanksgiving season. Sandra W. said there is a business breather tonight at HyVee. Doug N. said he helped his 18 year old study for a test. Janet G. is happy for Zen moments. Elsie G. is happy that Dawood has joined our club and is excited for the Christmas concert. Marilyn R. put in for creative accounting. Dawood is happy that he received his membership badge. Rick S. put in for a good week. Casey H. is happy he is in Kirksville and not in Iowa for the caucus. Wally T. is happy that Cassey is back with us. Ernie L. put in for wonderful weather and deer season.
November 21st:  Mystery program - come and be
December 05th:  No program scheduled yet - get
                               your ideas to the program

December 12th:   Christmas Breakfast at the Pecks'.
December 19th:  Community Benefit Report
                               (NRMC) - Ranee Brayton
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