Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
17 October 2019
PROGRAM: Kirksville Robotics Team;
Lilly Orskog and Maddie French
Lilly Orskog and Maddie French spoke to the club about the Kirksville robotics team. Both are seniors this year and have been on the robotics team for a few years. The team is not affiliated with the school district and receives no funding from the district, but it does allow them to use space above the technical center to meet and build their robots. The club started in 2011, and has historically had two teams, but this year there are only enough members to field one team.  Maddie and Lilly said they hope to speak to a number of organizations in town and garner support for the club, which in turn might end up in more students wanting to join in the coming years.  The robotics team competes in several competitions each year.  The competitions are generally in the KC or STL area. The team consists of students who build, program, and drive the robots, as well as those who specialize in building alliances with other teams at competitions. The teams pair up with others at competitions and compete in teams of two, so it is important to have someone on the team with good communication skills that knows what their own robots strengths and weaknesses are. Then look for a team that has a robot that has strengths where yours might have a weakness. The competitions are fun and there is a lot of science and technology learned throughout the process, but the mission of the robots team is to build future leaders with effective team building and communication skills.  The science, engineering and technical skills used in robotics is simply a fun and interesting vehicle used to help accomplish that mission. Lilly and Maddie said that anyone who wants to learn more about Robotics or has an interest in helping coach or mentor the team could contact them or Betsy Tornatore at the high school. They are always looking for adult mentors that have skill in building and coding, but would also love to have someone that just wants to help out and learn more about robotics themselves.
Pictured abover are Club President Jon Peck, Lilly Orskog and Maddie French
Duck Dash is back.  Noon club has not done it since 2015.  They hope to raise $3,500. The event will be held at the Days Inn Swimming Pool from 3-5PM, Sunday 27OCT . $5 to adopt a duck or 6 for $25. The three fastest ducks win prize money $1k, $750, and $500.  Proceeds from the event go to help build the natural playground at FLATS trailhead.
Raffle tickets to win a vacation in FL or CO, or a piece of jewelry (three prizes).  Tickets are $100 each and should have received an email from the district with link of how to purchase the tickets.  Let Marilyn know if you area interested and did not get the email.
There is also a raffle to win dinner for two anywhere in the world.   Tickets are $25 each  and again, you should have received an email about this event. If you did not get the email and are interested contact Jon P.
Nicole joined us this morning to talk about her ATSU sorority's effort to provide 100 Thanksgiving baskets to people in the area who are food insecure this year.   Each basket cost $40, and include $15 of non-perishable food and a $25 gift card to Hy-Vee. If you are interesting in supporting this effort please let Jon P. know.
Our club donated $1,000 to the Kirksville Arts Association this morning.  Above is Jon Peck presenting the check to Wally Trosen of the Arts Association.
We also donated $1,000 to ACAD for their classroom emergency response bucket effort.  They are planning to put a bucket in each classroom in the school district.  Each bucket will contain first aid supplies and other things that will help teachers perform first aid, should the need ever arise, prior to emergency responders' arrival. in each classroom in the district.  Above is Jon presenting the check to Larry Burton of the Adair County Ambulance District.
GSE Team from the Domincian Republic
We were also fortunate enough to be visited by the GSE team from the Dominican Republic. Three of the team members came to our meeting and presented their nation's flag, and a couple other gifts to our club.  Accepting on our club president Jon Peck. Pictured from the left are GSE team members Juan-Carlos and Elaine. GSE team member, John, is holding the flag of their home country.
Blessing Bowl: Elsie G. – in 1996 she took a GSE team to Norway for 5 weeks, and all returned safely...Plus she met the king of Norway!
This morning we were happy to see so many visitors.  Melinda, Lilly, and Owen Orskog. Nicole from ATSU. GSE team members Elaine, Juan-Carlos, and John, Maddie French. Ray Klinginsmith. Dawood Afzal. And Courtney brought her two lovely daughters along.  
October 24th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One will be in Kirksville from 5:45-8:45 on the 24th
                                and 29th.  
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn swimming pool.  More details in the
                                announcements section above.
October 29th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One (Second Session).
October 31st:        Regular Club meeting.  Karla D. and Joe S. will be the greeters and Terry C. will lead us
                                 in prayer.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
November 7th:     Regular Club meeting.  Janet G. and Zach S. will greet us and Linda B will lead us in
November 8th:    CVA Showcase at Newman Center.  More details to come in the following weeks.
November 11th:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two will be in Kirskville from 5:45 - 8:45 on the 11th
                                and 21st.
November 14th:  Regular Club meeting.  Steve P. and Doug N. will greet us and Andrea O. will lead us in
November 21st:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two (Second Session).
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Jon P. said he is thankful for his guest Elaine who has been staying with his family since Monday and is part of the GSE team, and put in a dollar for Marilyn. Jim B. put in for our guests. Pat K. put in for our guests. Ray K. put in a dollar for Marilyn’s family. Shirley B. put in for the Romines. Wally T. put in for Marilyn and her family, and our guests. Karla D. put in for Marilyn and for our guests. Joe S. put in for Marilyn’s family. Linette P. put in for Marilyn and guests. Steve P. put in a dollar for our guests and for the Robotics team.  Joe N. said he is excited to an upcoming trip to Baltimore. Larry B. put in for the GSE team and for Marilyn. Rick S. put in for Marilyn’ family and the program. Courtney B. put in a dollar for our guests from the Dominican Republic. Sue S. put in for Marilyn and our guests. Elsie G. said “ditto”. Sandra W. put in for the program and GSE team and for the Romines. Doug N. put in for the program. Ernie L. put in for the Romines, and for his trip to VA to see Dale. Jeff A. talked about the difference between Truman and MU grads. Christine S. put in for the Romines, and for the program.
October 24th:   ATSU Museum - Ray Klinginsmith
November 7th:  Rotary Foundation - Marilyn
November 14th:  No program scheduled yet - send your ideas to Sandra or another member of the program committee.
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