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20 JUNE 2019
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Sandra Williams
Sandra is currently the Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce. Sandra was in the noon club for five year before she switched over to the “fun” club! She told us that she has a twin sister, and grew up in Novinger. She went to Northeast Missouri State University (Truman) to get a teaching degree, and was in the last class to receive a lifetime teaching certificate. After college, however, she turned down first offer for a teaching job because she did not want to relocate. So she spent the next 20-some years doing a host of other things, including many years in a variety of health care roles here at Northeast Regional Medical Center, and elsewhere. Sandra went back to school to get her MBA at 40 years old, and met Jim Bergman in that class! After earning her MBA she actually did take a teaching job at the Kirksville middle school for a few years.  Then in 2007, Sandra took the position of office manager at the Chamber of Commerce. She moved into accounts payable, and gained experience in nearly everything there is to do at the chamber, and in 2009 she was given the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director. Sandra said that she has never had a job where she dreaded going to work, and every job she had has taught her something that has helped her in life, and in her current position. She really enjoys her job at the Chamber and loves being able to promote the area and talk to business owners and entrepreneurs.
Club members Jim Bergman and Sandra Williams.
Make sure you comet o the Red, White, and Blue Festival in Downtown Kirksville, 04-07JULY.  Check out all the fun things to do in the flyer below.  Tilt your head to the right for optimal reading posture!
Happy Birthday to Jeff Arp and Jon Peck today!
Blessing Bowl: Joe Novinger -$55!  Joe said that his youngest daughter graduated in HS and wants to go to vet school.  He informed us that his first couple years of school he also wanted to become a veterinarian, but changed his mind somewhere along the way.  
We welcome Bob Collinge and Jeff Romine, as our guests this week.
Upcoming Events:
June 22nd:      Kirksville's Amazing Race - Downtown at 9AM. 
June 27th:       Regular Club Meeting.  Aaron P. and Jeff A. will greet us. 
June 29th:       Habitat for Humanity .5K sloth walk.  See flyer above.
June 25th:       New Officer Installation at Rotary Park.  5:30 PM.  Meat will be supplied. Bring a dish to
June 26th:       Energy Trail Committee meeting at Rosie's - 7AM.
June 27th:        Strategic Planning Meeting at CVA office building, 5-7PM.
July 4th-7th:   Kirskville Red, White, and Blue Festival.  See flyer above.
July 6th:          Pancake Breakfast.
July 27th:        RLI Part One here in Kirksville.  If you are interested let Marilyn R. know.
August 10th:   Movie in the Park hosted by our club.  WonderPark is the movie.  More details will come
                           as the time gets closer to the event.
Nearly everyone put in a dollar for Christine’s leadership as our club president this past year.  Additionally, Jon P. put in for his birthday, and daughter’s fiancé’s citizenship paperwork moving along quickly. Christine S. put in a dollar for a great year, and thanked all members for their support. Pat K. put in for her uncle who is on hospice in Clarence. Andrea O. said her anniversary is Saturday. Wally T. missed a couple weeks, and put in a dollar for  our guests. Bob Collinge is back from two weeks vacation and celebrated his 50th anniversary.  Jaren H. was happy he was able to get here today. Jeff A. put in a dollar for Jon P.’s birthday. Terri J. put in for for Jon P. and all the deer, racoons, and rabbits eating her flowers. Karla D. missed a couple weeks, and put in for sisters. Marilyn R. put in a dollar for our guests. Jeff R. put in a dollar for our club receiving the presidential citation, and for Bob’s 50th anniversary. Larry B. said he is going to a Cardinal game with granddaughter – her first game. Rick S. put in for the guests.  Sandra W. for Maurices.  Steve P. put in a dollar for Jon P. coming in as the club president. Linette P. said she was happy to start the morning off with this group. And Ernie L. put in a dollar for the great weather.
Mystery Week next week - Come and be surprised!
We are looking for ideas for programs.  If you have an idea contact Sandra W.
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