Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
09 January 2020
Tiffany is originally from Unionville, and is a young adult novelist. She chose to write for this age group, in part, because she wants good, wholesome, clean books for young adults to read. She also said that part of her inspiration for becoming an author is that she loves movies, but hates it when they end in a way that she does not like or agree with. So she figured if she writes her own stories she gets to determine the ending. Tiffany’s latest book, Vitality, is the first book of a trilogy she is working on. She also spoke about the publishing, editing, and marketing/promotion processes. It was surprising to many of us how long the entire process takes.
Pictured above (left) is Tiffany Ellis, with club member Sandra Williams.
Below is the list of greeters for the first half of 2020.  
Teacher Literacy Award nominations are due – we have elementary grades K-5. 
Blessing Bowl: Renee Brayton - Absent.
Tiffany Ellis and Marie Murphree.
January 16th:      Regular Club meeting. 
January 18th:      ATSU Rotaract is hosting Warming Up Kirksville – for more information contact Elsie. 
January 23rd:     Regular Club meeting.
January 28th:     Noon club's annual soup supper at 5PM, Dukumm Inn.  
January 30th:     Regular Club meeting.
February 23rd:   Rotary Birthday party 2-4 at KVCC. Karl Chinnery will be the speaker. 
March 24-26th:  Tantara District Conf.
March 28th:        PETS training.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Rick S. put in for a good week. Wally T. put in for the Chiefs, and for a great holiday. Aaron P. put in for back to school yesterday. Ed R. wished everyone a good upcoming year. Linette P. said it is good to be back, and put in a dollar for the Chiefs. Joe S. said he got married recently, but he also got a new niece the other day. Sue S. said it's nice to see everyone again and put in for a great 2020. Marilyn R. is happy she made it through Christmas. Elsie G. put in for the Packers and our guests.  Karla D. put in for 2020 and the reverse raffle. Bob C. said he is glad to be here. Larry B. has to cancel a camping trip to go to the reverse raffle, and put in for our military members. Troy P. put in for the Chiefs. Joe N. said happy new year. Martin S. is happy to be back after a few weeks of being absent. Matt W. said he sent his daughter off to college over the holiday, and his son Tate turned 11 years old today. Sandra W. put in for our guests and for the chamber banquet this evening. Steve P. put in for the military members and their safety. Courtney B. hosted a murder mystery dinner party last week and had a great time. Terry C. put in for the Chiefs, for CVA, and Marie Murphree being a new member of the board. Shirley B. is happy to go to Arizona for a little while. Pat K. put in for their upcoming trip and for our speaker. Christine S. put in for the new year. Jim B. said he is so happy to be done with holiday food season. Jon P. put in for teachers, and said he is glad to be back in the club for the new year. Zach S. said he is glad to be here filling in for Ernie, and put in a dollar for the kids going back to school.
January 16th:     Army Nurse Cadet Corps - Shirley
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