Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
05 December 2019
PROGRAM: The Hands of Esperanza; 
Edgar and Michaella Gua
December is Rotary Water Purification Month. Edgar and Michaela Gua talked to us about their involvement in mission work in Guatemala to provide clean water, and other essetials for the last several years.  Edgar is from Guatemala. Michaella is from right here in Kirksville - she is Jon Peck's daughter. Edgar and Michaella met while she was on a mission trip to Guatemala and have been married for two months. Edgar has been involved in clean water missions for ten years and and Michaella has been going on missions to Guatemala for the last five years. The two spoke of the non-profit organization "Hands of Esperanza", which they are involved in, and showed a video of the work the organization is doing in  in Guatemala. This non-profit organization is committed to bettering the lives of the people of Guatemala by providing clean water, stoves, basic sanitary needs, and medical supplies/care. The video was focused, specifically on the area where Edgar grew up. In this area, over 80% of the people live well below the poverty line. Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America and has a tremendous problem with clean water. Nearly 60% of the entire nation’s population lives below the poverty line. It is hard to imagine not having clean water, or electricity to heat our homes or power our stoves in the US but that is a normal way of life in much of Guatemala. Hands of Esperanza is working to change that as much as they can because the lack of these basic needs also contributes to additional medical and health concerns/problems.
Michaella and Edgar are pictured below with Club President / Father / Father-in-law Jon Peck.
Below is the list of greeters for the first half of 2020.  if you are on here and do not wish to greet or pray please let Steve P. know and you will be taken off.  If you are on here for a day that you know you will not be available please find a someone to stand in for that day.
Blessing Bowl: Brenton Travis - Absent.
Edgar and Michaella Gua.
December 12th:   Christmas breakfast gathering at Jon Peck's house - 7AM.  16967 State Hiway B.
December 13th:   Foster Kids Christmas.  Meet at 8AM at Assembly of God church to sort gifts.  
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club. 
December 14th:   Training for RLI facilitators.  for more information contact Marilyn Romine.
December 19th:   Regular Club meeting.  Elsie G. and Rick S. will greet us and Jon P. will lead us in
January 09th:      Regular Club meeting.  Joe N. and Wayne B. will greet us and Joe S. will lead us in
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Jon P. put in a dollar for good weather. Christine S., Jim B. and Pat K. all put in for the program.  Wally T. put in for the Chiefs. Joe N. put in for the program and the Chiefs. Karla D. for the Peck’s hosting our breakfast, and Hawkeye football. Joe S. put in for the program. Bob C. said the dental school started accepting the class of 2024 on Monday. Elsie G. put in for the program and for Marilyn who made treats for us this morning. Michaella G. put in for Elsie. Zach S. said he went to half of the K-State game this weekend. Rick S. put in for the program and a good week. Larry put in a couple dollars – one for the program and one to help him fill the Salvation Army bell ringing. Troy P. put in for the program. Matt W. put in for his family and his friends from the Congo.  Steve P. put in for Garrett Nichting as Buddy the Elf and all the KHs kids that did a great job in the musical this fall. Sandra W. said that many local businesses are participating in a holiday give-away.  Look for places around town to sign up – Colton’s is one. Sue S. said a friend of her family recently passed away and put in a dollar for his family. Marilyn R. Said she had a great time with the Romine family over the holidays. Terry C. put in for the Chiefs. Dawood A. said he had a good week travelling, out of state. Jeff A. put in for the program, for Rotary and our club. Ernie L. said he is enjoying watching the new Lutheran school construction in his neighborhood.
December 12th:   Christmas Breakfast at the Pecks'.
December 19th:  Community Benefit Report
                               (NRMC) - Ranee Brayton
January 09th:     Local youth author - Tiffany Ellis
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