Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
03 October 2019
Dr. Maggie Wilson
Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Wilson, Dean of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine spoke today about ATSU and KCOM.  Maggie was born and raised in Kirkville, and went to Truman State University for her undergraduate studies. She considers herself very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to come back to Kirksville and work at ATSU.  She explained how AT Still University grew out of KCOM –which was the first DO school in country.  ATSU is comprised of six individual schools on two separate campuses.  The campus in Arizona has three schools, and the Kirksville campus also has three – KCOM, ATSU College of Graduate Studies, and the MO School of Dentistry and Oral Health.  They are considering starting another branch in CA that will be the home of a Physician’s Assistant. She also talked about the history of the University and of Dr. A. T. Still himself, saying that the University Museum houses much information about history of medicine. She encouraged all of us to visit. A.T. Still was the founder of osteopathic medicine. He thought that many who practiced medicine were unaware of what a negative toll it was taking on the human body back in the 1800s, and he believed in a more holistic approach, in which the human body has a greater ability to heal itself if taken care of properly. This was not a popular sentiment back then but today there are plenty of people seeking this type of treatment so he was quite a visionary. Maggie said there are 59 DO schools in the country.

Specifically, at KCOM a class consists of about 170 people. Many of the students are from the Midwest, but there are students from all over the world.  The get about 3,000 applications per year, to conduct around 500 interviews in order to seat a class of 170, so the college is fairly selective. Most students are about 24 years old, and have a 3.6 AVG GPA.  They spend their first two years on campus, and then can be shipped out all around the country to do internships. On campus some classes are lecture style but they incorporate experiential learning whenever possible through the use of the human patient simulation lab, and other resources available. Aside from teaching and learning in the classroom there is a lot of medical research that takes place at TASU as well.  When a student graduates from KCOM their educational experience is not over.  After completing their degree they must do 3-7 more years, depending on their specialty area, in residency. Maggie thinks KCOM and the Kirksville and area communities are great partners.  Her students are involved in the community and conduct a lot of service work in their field while they live here in Kirksville. Pictured below are Dr. Wilson and Club President Jon Peck.
ACAD 21st annual kids day celebration is Saturday 05OCT, at the NEMO fairgrounds.  The event will be going on all day with free hot dogs and lots of fun things for you and the kids to do. 
We will soon welcome a new member - Dawood Afzal!  Dawood's fireside chat is at 7AM Monday morning (Rosie's I believe - Jeff please reply to all and correct me if that is wrong).  Anyone wanting to participate is welcome to join Dawood and Jeff.  
Duck Dash is back.  Noon club has not done it since 2015.  They hope to raise $3,500. The event will be held at the Days Inn Swimming Pool from 3-5PM, Sunday 27OCT . $5 to adopt a duck or 6 for $25. The three fastest ducks win prize money $1k, $750, and $500.  Proceeds from the event go to help build the natural playground at FLATS trailhead.
Raffle tickets to win a vacation in FL or CO, or a piece of jewelry (three prizes).  Tickets are $100 each and should have received an email from the district with link of how to purchase the tickets.  Let Marilyn know if you area interested and did not get the email.
There is also a raffle to win dinner for two anywhere in the world.   Tickets are $25 each  and again, you should have received an email about this event. If you did not get the email and are interested contact Jon P.
Please pay your dues.  If you have not paid the dues that were due on 30September please get Terry C. your money.  Remember the dues went up, but the cost of your Reverse Raffle ticket is incorporated in the dues starting this year.
Blessing Bowl: Waaly T. - $10.  Wally said he has lived in the Kirksville area for 45 years.  He came here as a government worker, but had to leave that to get a more honorable profession as a lawyer.
Jeff Romine, Randy Smith, Dawood Afzal, Maggie Wilson, and Bob Collenge
October 10th:       Regular Club Meeting.  Joe N. and Wayne B. will greet us and Jim B. will lead us in
October 10th:       Josh Alton, comedian will present a wholesome and funny evening at Whippoorwill
                                Acres on Hwy 63 Lancaster. Tickets are $20 each if purchased prior to the show. At the
                                door, they will be $25.00. Seating is limited. Contact Elise G. or Susan Chidester
                                with questions.
October 13-16th:  Rotary Group Study Exchange from Dominican Republic will be in the area and they
                                are looking for host families to put them up in the evenings.  If you are interested
                                please contact Debbie Boughton at the Chamber office or Amanda Langendorfer.
October 17th:       Regular Club Meeting.  Doug N. and Marilyn R. will greet us and Chanda C. will lead us
                                in prayer.
October 24th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One will be in Kirksville from 5:45-8:45 on the 24th
                                and 29th.  
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn swimming pool.  More details in the
                                announcements section above.
October 29th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One (Second Session).
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
November 8th:    CVA Showcase at Newman Center.  More details to come in the following weeks.
November 11th:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two will be in Kirskville from 5:45 - 8:45 on the 11th
                                and 21st.
November 21st:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two (Second Session).
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Jon P. said his daughter’s wedding was wonderful. Christine S. put in for her husband who is very understanding of her crashing one of her cars into the other.  Pat K. is happy to be back this week. Karla D. put in for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Doug N. missed last couple weeks and put in for the Cards, and son did very well on the ACT. Wally T. for program and guests, and the Chiefs. Jeff R. had great trip to NYC. Randy S. is happy for duck season. Marilyn R. put in for their trip to NYC, and happy to be back. Bob C. is glad his wife is home. Elsie G. us happy to see Maggie again. Rick S. put in for the program. Larry B. put for Steve, Ernie and Wally, and the Cardinals. Wayne B. put in for the Chiefs. Matt W. put in for girls Volleyball. Martin S. is glad to be back. Steve P. put in a dollar for the Carson King story and good news for a change on tv. Dawood A. is happy to be here even if he is late. Terry C. missed the last couple weeks and is happy to be back.  Sandra W. put in for the program. Jim B. put in for the Cardinals and for Dr. Wilson. Zach S. put in for nice cool temperatures. Jeff A. put in for Dawood joining our club. Ernie L. is happy to go see Dale Watson next week. Jaren H. put in for Dr. Wilson for being here today.
October 10th:  Thousand Hills State Park - Ryan
October 17th:  KHS Robotics Team - Lilly Orscog
                           and Madison French
October 24th:   ATSU Museum - Ray Klinginsmith
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