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February 28, 2019
Program: Club Program Updates
This morning we took time to discuss three signature events/programs of our club, and give everyone an update on what is going on with each.  Karla and Larry discussed the Reverse Raffle.  The event is held on 13APR, at the Moose Lodge this year.  It is our only fundraising event of the year and a very labor intensive commitment on the part of the club.  All members are expected to purchase a ticket, and be available to work during the event.  Additionally, if you have items or ideas for silent auction items please get those to Marilyn R. We also need additional bottles of wine to be donated for the wine grab.  Get those to Marilyn as well.  Larry talked about ticket sales and how things are going on that front.  We are doing well.  Get your sold, and the money turned in to Wayne B. so we can get a better idea where we stand.  We are six weeks away from the event.  Larry also talked about the Be a Buddy, Not a Bully program.  We have been doing this for many years now and the program is still going strong.  Each year we go into local middle and elementary schools to talk about the effects of bullying.  We  just finished a program at the Kirksville elementary school, where we partnered with some Truman students.  There is a cyber bullying presentation scheduled for March, at the Kirksville middle school, and we are partnering with KHS Interact club to deliver a program at the Kirksville primary school in April.  If you want to know more about this program or get involved in the Be A Buddy program let Larry B. know.  Finally, Pat K. updated us on Days for Girls progress. Days for Girls works to increase women and young girls' access to menstrual care and education, in predominately third world and poverty stricken countries, by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. Pat said our chapter has doubled its productivity in regards to making the reusable feminine hygiene kits with the additional equipment we purchased through grant money received this year. A group of people are scheduled to go to  Africa later this year to deliver the products and educational materials. Days for Girls meets once per month to assemble these kits, and if you are interested in learning more about the chapter and mission, or becoming involved contacts Pat K. or Sue S.
We also welcomed Olivia Gooch back to our club this morning to present the Truman Rotaract Club with a $250 check for their upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. All proceeds from the event will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Olivia is the President of the Truman Rotaract Club.



It is time to purchase items for baskets or give cash tot the committee rather than purchase items, and donating wine for the reverse raffle.  Contact Marilyn R. for information on what the needs are.
Sell your REVERSE RAFFLE tickets!  And turn your money in to Wayne B. We are six weeks out from the event.
This morning we welcome our newest member, Doug Nichting.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday mornings, Doug!
We also recognized Larry Burton this morning as he received a Paul Harris Fellow Award.  Congratulations Larry!
Blessing Bowl: Ed Ross - Said a few years ago her walked into a restaurant after a game in KC during the BIG12 tournament and ran into Brent Musberger.  He went over to talk with him and they had a nice visit.  Ed said Brent is a very nice guy.
Our guests this week were Jaren Hafen and Olivia Gooch.
Upcoming Events:
March 5th:      Rotaract Spaghetti Dinner at Catholic Newman Center 5-8PM.  $10 tickets at the door, or
                          $8 in advance.  Contact for advance purchase tickets.
March 7th:      Regular Club Meeting. Larry B. and Janet G. will greet us and Jeff A. will
                           lead us in prayer.
March 09th:    Rotary Leadership Institute Training (part II) in Chilicothe.  Let Pat K.
                          know if you are interested.
March 19th:    Scotland County Rotary Club's 40th Anniversary Celebration.  See flyer below.
March 30th:    Unionville Rotary Trivia Night.  See flyer below.
April 3rd:         Noon Club will draw the winner of the Freezer of Meat Raffle.  Contact a Noon Club
                           member if you want tickets.  $10 each for a chance to win a freezer filled with beef, pork,
                           and lamb.
April 5th:         CVA fundraiser at Catholic Newmann Center, starting at 5PM.  Tickets are $25 each. 
                           Point of contact is Rick S.
April 13th:       Reverse Raffle! 
April 18th:       Renaissance Breakfast at KHS.
May 16th:        Business After Hours hosted by the Dukum and CVA at the Dukum Inn.  5-7PM, with a
                           brief program at 6PM.
Wally T. put in a dollar and said he is happy his son-in-law is back home from the Ukraine. Aaron P. put in for the Cardinals. Joe S. put in a dollar for the Reverse Raffle. Karla D. Put ion for Marilyn and Terri's mothers - both are dealing with some health issues at the moment. Marilyn R. put in a dollar for her mother's health, and said she was happy to be with her Rotary friends this morning. Doug N. asked everyone to keep his wife in their thoughts and prayers as she will be heading to the Mayo Clinic next week for some tests. Courtney B. said she her son is a big Iron Man fan currently, so do not be surprised if you see her around town with Iron Man in the next few weeks. Ed Ross put in for our guest Olivia. Larry B. put in for Marilyn and Terri's mothers. Jeff A. is happy that AM housing is starting to show progress. He said that next Tuesday Colton's will donate a portion of all bills from 5-8PM, to AM Housing, and stated he was very thankful for Troy's generosity. Steve P. put in a dollar for Olivia joining us this morning, and a dollar for Scott Meredith. Elsie G. "Diito'd" everything that had been said and put in a dollar for Olivia and Doug as well. Troy P. put in for his son's basketball team winning first place at the SHOWME games and his daughter making the HS soccer team, as well as for the Be a Buddy not a Bully Program. Rick S., Pat K., Sandra W., and Terry C. both put in for Olivia, and for Marilyn and Terri's mothers. Sandra put in for Troy and Colton's generosity as well.  Jon P. put in for his one daughter coming home from Guatemala, and his other going in for surgery in the next couple days. Jim B. put in a dollar for kids club wrestling.  And Zach S. put in for Marilyn and Terri and their mothers, as well as for kids club wrestling.
MAR 07: Peter Goldman - HR763 Energy
                 Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
MAR 21:  E911
MAR 28: 4 Way Speech Contest
APR 04:  Jill Stidham - New floral and
                  honey business
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