Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
10 October 2019
PROGRAM: Thousand Hills Stat Park;
Ryan Persinger
Ryan Persinger is the park superintendent at Thousand Hills and has been here about 18 months.  He is originally from KC , and has been working in the state parks for over ten years. Ryan started in college as a seasonal worker and has worked his way up from there.  Thousand Hills encompasses around 3,000 acres, and the lake itself is 600 acres.  The park sees roughly 500,000 visitors per year.  It hosts 58 camp sites on two camp grounds, and has a relatively small number of employees.  In addition Ryan the park employs 3 maintenance workers, a park ranger, and a concessionaire on q full time basis. Ryan said the new seawall and docks cost about $1.6 million. This last year they also added a deck onto the dining lodge and renovated its HVAC system. An upcoming project is to continue working with FLATS to build the trail from the town to the park.  The next section of trail will go from campground 2 to campground 1, and will allow you to travel anywhere in the park on a trail. The goal is for this to be complete by labor day 2020.  They are also building a new park office to replace the one that burned down three years ago. That should also be done in summer 2020. This fall there will be  a new concrete boat ramp installed. The  current ramp will be closed for two weeks starting on the 21st in order to accomplish this. Our club president, Jon Peck, is pictured below with Ryan.
Duck Dash is back.  Noon club has not done it since 2015.  They hope to raise $3,500. The event will be held at the Days Inn Swimming Pool from 3-5PM, Sunday 27OCT . $5 to adopt a duck or 6 for $25. The three fastest ducks win prize money $1k, $750, and $500.  Proceeds from the event go to help build the natural playground at FLATS trailhead.
Raffle tickets to win a vacation in FL or CO, or a piece of jewelry (three prizes).  Tickets are $100 each and should have received an email from the district with link of how to purchase the tickets.  Let Marilyn know if you area interested and did not get the email.
There is also a raffle to win dinner for two anywhere in the world.   Tickets are $25 each  and again, you should have received an email about this event. If you did not get the email and are interested contact Jon P.
Blessing Bowl: Karla Dwyer - absent.
Ryan Persinger, Dawood Afzal, and Edgar Gua.
October 13-16th:  Rotary Group Study Exchange from Dominican Republic will be in the area and they
                                are looking for host families to put them up in the evenings.  If you are interested
                                please contact Debbie Boughton at the Chamber office or Amanda Langendorfer.
October 17th:       Regular Club Meeting.  Doug N. and Marilyn R. will greet us and Chanda C. will lead us
                                in prayer.
October 24th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One will be in Kirksville from 5:45-8:45 on the 24th
                                and 29th.  
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn swimming pool.  More details in the
                                announcements section above.
October 29th:      Rotary Leadership Institute Part One (Second Session).
October 31st:        Regular Club meeting.  Karla D. and Joe S. will be the greeters and Terry C. will lead us
                                 in prayer.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
November 8th:    CVA Showcase at Newman Center.  More details to come in the following weeks.
November 11th:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two will be in Kirskville from 5:45 - 8:45 on the 11th
                                and 21st.
November 21st:   Rotary Leadership Institute Part Two (Second Session).
November 26th:  Joint Service Luncheon.
December 14th:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing day for our club.
June 30-July 2nd:    Burgundy Brigade Reunion.  Details about this event will be forthcoming.
Larry B. put in for the Cards and Colts. Jeff A. gave a linguistics lesson. Rick S. put in for a good week and the program.  Elsie G. put in a dollar Dawood joining us. Steve P. put in for the AV crew of Terry and Jim. Joe N. said his his 30 year med school class reunion is coming up.  Joe S. put in for the Cardinals. Linnette P. had a nice vacation in the Titons and Yellowstone. Wally T. put in for the Chiefs, guests, and program. Dawood A. is happy to be here and to be joining the club, and said he was talking to his Uncle who is a Rotarian with a perfect attendance since 1965. Aaron P. put in for the Cardinals. Pat K. put in for our speaker.  Christine S. put in for KHS homecoming. Shirley B. put in for the speaker and is happy to be back. Jon Peck put in a dollar for his guest Edgar and for Dawood’s fireside chat. Edgar said he is the happiest married man in the world. Jim B. put in for the Cards and the golf outing with Rotary friends. Terry C. put in for the Cards, and for going to a Chiefs game with his son for his 13th birthday. Sandra W. put in for the program.  Troy P. said he went to the Cardinals game with his wife on Monday. Zach S. said his daughter’s 9th birthday is Saturday. Courtney B. put in for Founders Day Weekend at ATSU.
October 17th:  KHS Robotics Team - Lilly Orscog
                           and Madison French
October 24th:   ATSU Museum - Ray Klinginsmith
November 7th:  Rotary Foundation - Marilyn
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