Rotary Club of Kirksville - Thousand Hills
March 07, 2019
Program: House Resolution 763;
Peter Goldman and Christine Harker
Peter and Christine are members of the NEMO Citizens Climate Lobby.  They informed our club of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  This House Resolution (763) is a bipartisan climate solution to decrease carbon emissions through additional regulations and fees assessed on usage.  The bill was described as being able o reduce America's emissions by at least 40% in the first 12 years, improve overall health and save lives by reducing pollution, create 2.1 million new jobs, and increase per capita gross income as fees collecting will be redistributed to citizens. To learn more about HR 763 or the Citizens Climate Lobby visit their facebook page or



RYLA deadline for applications has been extended to MAR 22nd.  If you know a current FR or SOPH in high school that would benefit from attending a 3-4 day leadership conference this summer have them talk with their guidance counselor (or contact Steve Petersen) to obtain an application.
The Chamber, and many local businesses are sponsoring the April Showers give-aways again this year.  For detailed information see the flyer below. 
Blessing Bowl: Amy Eagan - Absent
Our guests this week were Peter Goldman, Christine Harker, and Ron Gaber
Upcoming Events:
March 14th:      Regular Club Meeting. Sandra W. and Jim B. will greet us and Sue S. will
                           lead us in prayer.
March 09th:    Rotary Leadership Institute Training (part II) in Chilicothe. 
March 19th:    Scotland County Rotary Club's 40th Anniversary Celebration.  See flyer below.
March 30th:    Unionville Rotary Trivia Night.  See flyer below.
April 3rd:         Noon Club will draw the winner of the Freezer of Meat Raffle.  Contact a Noon Club
                           member if you want tickets.  $10 each for a chance to win a freezer filled with beef, pork,
                           and lamb.
April 5th:         CVA fundraiser at Catholic Newmann Center, starting at 5PM.  Tickets are $25 each. 
                           Point of contact is Rick S.
April 13th:       Reverse Raffle! 
April 18th:       Renaissance Breakfast at KHS.
May 16th:        Business After Hours hosted by the Dukum and CVA at the Dukum Inn.  5-7PM, with a
                           brief program at 6PM.
Jon P. put in for his upcoming trip to Hawaii. Pat K> put in a dollar for "not too much snow" today.  Chanda C. was happy to be in fellowship with our club. Michelle W. put in a dollar for one of her co-workers and for Chanda. Bob H. put in a dollar and said he is going to have another grand child this summer. Elsie put in for her driver, Ron, and our other guests. Troy P. said it was nice to see such a crowd. Ron G. said he was happy to be with us this morning. Rick S. put in for Marilyn and her family. Andrea O. is preparing to go on vacation to North Carolina. Polly M. said she was happy to be back with us. Courtney B. put in for spring break. Sandra W. put in for our guests. Terry C. put in a dollar for Ernie and for the reverse raffle.  Shirley B. put in a dollar and said she was happy to be back from Arizona. Jim B. put in for Kids Club Wrestling. Joe S. put in for the Cardinals and for Marilyn's Mom. Sue S. said she got to attend a Cardinals Spring Training game. Jeff A. welcomed Ernie back from the South. Matt W. is happy to be back and looking forward to a trip to NC with his sons. Zach S. put in for the reverse raffle and Kids Club Wrestling. Martin S. put in for his grandkids. Steve P. put in a dollar for Ernie, and thanked the club for their donation to the foundation in honor of his Father's memory. Ernie was happy to back...and he brought a big crowd with him this morning!
MAR 21:  E911
MAR 28: 4 Way Speech Contest
APR 04:  Jill Stidham - New floral and
                  honey business
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