Rotary Club of Kirksville-Thousand Hills
15 August 2019
PROGRAM: Exploring Israel; 
John Dungan
John talked to our club about a recent trip he put together to the Holy Land.  He took 18 people on a seven day trip through Israel over the summer.  They started out in the North at Tiberias and then journeyed South to Jerusalem as well as the Dead Sea.  They stopped at many of the notable biblical places along the way where Jesus traveled and performed His ministry. John shared some very nice photos of the trip and the things they saw.  He said that one of the things that surprised him was how close many of the sites were.  Capernaum and Tiberias are only 12 miles apart, and the distance between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is only 6 miles.  John said the balcony at the hotel  where they stayed in Tiberias had a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee, and that one of the many highlights of the trip for him, was a voyage on the Sea of Galilee in a fishing boat. 
Our meeting on September 5th will be at The Pines.
We are getting Rotary work T-Shirts made.  The shirts will be navy blue and have a large Rotary Wheel on the back.  They will be non-club specific, and the hope is we will all wear them as we go forth in the coming months with the work that needs to be conducted at the trailhead/natural playground, in conjunction with the collaborative, grant-funded project.  Cost is $10 for S-XL, $12 for a 2XL, and $13 for a 3XL. Let Jon P. know if you want a shirt and did not get the chance to sign up for one.
The Energy Trail benches and Rotary signage has been taken down and moved just a few blocks South to the location of the future trailhead/natural playground. The Energy Trail was a great project for our Club for years and served its purpose well, but with the Pines moving and the future of the land at the Energy Trail's location unclear, the board determined it was time to decommission that project and begin something new at the location mentioned above.
Dale Watson is having a birthday soon.  You will receive a separate email later this evening with the address of where to send a card if you wish to do so.  
Blessing Bowl: Elsie Gaber - $5. Was a cheerleader in high school and the Blues invited her squad to cheer on the ice when they went to the championship.  Elsie said it was difficult to cheer on the ice.  
Bob Collenge, John Dungan, and Roberta Donahue.
August 17th:   REAL Training in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for more details.
August 22nd:  Regular Club meeting.  Sandra W. and Matt W. will greet us and Marilyn R. will lead us in                            prayer.
August 29th: Regular Club meeting.  Jeff A. and Terry J. will greet us and Andrea O. will lead us in
September 5th:    Regular Club meeting will be held at THE PINES. 
September 14th:  North Star BBQ.  Jeff A. is putting a team together for our club.  Contact Jeff if you are                                  interested.
September 14th:  RLI Training Parts I, II, and III in Chilicothe.  Contact Marilyn R. for details if you are                                  interested.
October 1st:          District Governor, Mark Horner, will be at the Nazarene church for a visit.  Program                                      begins at 5:30PM. 
October 27th:       Noon Club Duck Dash at Days Inn parking lot.
November 2nd:    District Foundation Dinner at Arrowhead Stadium.
Jon P. put in for wedding plans and rain.  Shirley B. put in a dollar for the rain.  Pat K. put in for our speaker. Andrea O. said she is getting ready for a work trip to Puerto Rico. Wally T. said he is happy to have students back in town. Karla D. said the MOOSE LODGE has received a grant to facilities improvements and they are working feverishly on those.  It should be looking really nice for our Reverse Raffle next April. Terry J. was happy to be with us after missing a few meetings and put in  a dollar for a friend who recently passed away at the age of 101. Joe S. put in for the Cardinals. Bob C. said his first grandchild is getting married. Janet G. put in for her 40th anniversary coming up. Elsie G. put in a dollar for sitting at the "anniversary" table - Janet G., Bob C. and Marilyn R. all have anniversaries this week. Linda B. put in a dollar for the BBQ CVA had for their staff recently...and Terry cooked. Jeff A. put in a dollar for the first day of school. Larry B. put in a dollar for Jeff's jokes. Matt W. said his youngest son caught a very rare triple tail fish in Florida last week. Sandra W. Said that she is celebrating her 41st anniversary this week. Steve P. put in for the first day of school. Marilyn R. put in a dollar for the memory of Jim Harding. Terry C. put in for the first day of school. Jim B. said he and his grandsons had a great trip to the Cardinals game. And Ernie L. said is is getting rady to take his tractor to Mount Pleasant, IA for the Old Threshers event.
August 22nd: Keith Jackson and Bill Castles - United Way
August 29th: Gabby Woodward, Riley Pinkerton, Jacob Doman, and Madeline McGinnis - RYLA
September 5th: Meet at The Pines!
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