REVEILLE, Thousand Hills Rotary Club --
Volume 29, Number 9, September 1, 2016, District 6040
GUESTS: Skylar Peterson, Jack Tigner, Rob Tigner, Samu Dasputre
Make up at one of the other two clubs in town: Noon Club, Wednesdays at Nazarene Church, Evening Club, Tuesdays, 5:15 at Wooden Nickel.
               Second Annual Dove Hunt for Polio – September 9, dove hunting, fishing and potluck fundraiser for Polio-Plus – is at Greg & Janet Gremaud’s – 30176 St. Hwy T. Cost for hunting is $100; potluck dinner at 5:30 pm, $10 per person donation, bring own table service, drinks – and a dish to share with everyone!
               The Ray Klinginsmith Distinguished Service Award event is September 28th, 6 pm; Heather, Terry and Bob F are on the selection committee. We have two nominees from our club: Karla Dwyer & Sue Schneider. Tickets will be $20 each
               North Star Club is having their Barbecue 9/17; we do have a team; plan on going and supporting the North Star Club!
               Friday, it’s Fellowship Friday at the Dukum – 5!
Bob Fredricks - $5 – Congrats!
When in 8th grade was in the all-city public school choir – as a soprano!
Next Week
Prayer – Bob Fredricks
September 8 – Interact Club
September 15 – Rotaract
September 22 – Dictionaries
September 22 – our blood drive at Rehoboth!
September 29 – Arts Committee (Red Barn)
October 6 – Sandy Collop – on Voting
October 13 – Club Assembly – Be a Buddy
October 20 – K-REDI
October 27 – Jim Richardson – Twin Pines
November 3 – High School Drama
November 10 – Foundation
November 17 – TBA
November 22 – Joint Service Club Luncheon
December 1 - TBA
December 8 – Club Assembly
December 15 – Christmas Breakfast
December 22 & 29 – no meetings
               RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Academy – and we were pleased to have as our program the two who had been sponsored by our club to attend this past June.
               Skylar Peterson said her brothers had attended and they came back with such exciting reports that she was happy to learn that she was going to be able to attend.
               They did true colors testing, which helped them to determine their personality strengths.  She said she was green and gold which meant that she was smart and organized (she said, not always!).
               She was pleased with the challenge of learning to work with others; each group had to do a service project.  Their’s was to work with tutoring with the inner city students. They had two days to prepare and then give a presentation.
               She is presently involved with the Student Council and the Science Club at Kirksville High.
               Jack Tigner is a junior at Kirksville, plays trombone in the band.  
               He enjoyed the work of the film crew – individuals could go into the confessional booth and share whatever they wanted (usually something funny); the film crew would edit at the end of the day and make a presentation.  He really liked the fact that there were students from all over the state.
               His group’s service club was called TADAA – Teens Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse – one of the items they suggested was to plan a space for a YMCA like location that featured teens.
               He said the participants were exposed to Rotary during the larger sessions and it was the largest group that RYLA had hosted.
Karla Dwyer said it’s time for Hawkeye football, and she also put in for Troy’s family that suffered a house fire. Linette Page noted our guests; and our Rotary exchange student visiting us, and for Linda and helping with the workshop on Wednesday. Bob Schneider put in for Tom VanVleck whose wife passed away this week.  Sue Schneider noted Troy and others who were going through some challenges.  Janet Gremaud put in for Linda and her group; for safe travel for Jim Bergman and his group that were picking up books today in Bethany.  Linda Bowers put in for Linette and Janet helping with the workshop, and for Larry who doesn’t pick on her like Ernie!  Alie Fast said she was with her brother and his family from Florida last week, and this week her sister is coming in from California.  Pat Kurtzeman put in for Charlie, and for Tom’s wife who passed away as well.  Heather Condon gave her dollar for Dr. Tigner, who had been one of her teachers – she couldn’t remember what class, he reminded her it was for memory! And she also noted Troy’s family.  Amy Eagan put in for the athletic activities at Truman, for the volleyball team, men and women’s soccer team, etc.  Brita Hand said she wanted people to have safe travel this weekend. Marilyn Romine put in for Truman and Hawkeye football; and her mom is looking forward to seeing the Cubs in the World Series.  Ed Ross said he almost had a guest – didn’t show up!  Jim Wagner is excited they have family coming in this weekend.  Jon Peck put in for Kirksville sports, for Mark K and others.  Rick Steele was pleased with a very good program today.  Larry Burton put in for Troy and his family, for Be a buddy, and of course, the Cardinals.  Dale Watson said Ron and Debbie had visited this past week.  Steve Hansen put in for Mark – he’s in Vegas this week – must be doing better.  Wally Trosen said he was going to the Packers/Chiefs game this evening; and the other evening he and Ricci had gone out to eat with Steve and DeRaye for their 47th anniversary.  Terry Combs also put in for Troy – and Kudos to everyone for their support, rallying around one of our club members.  Bob Fredricks predicted a Packers win over the Chiefs this evening.  Zach Springer noted Troy’s house fire – it was a teachable moment for the children – always remember, don’t go back in if you have made it out safely – so what did Troy and Zach do?  They went back in the house to rescue the dog.  Also Zach is having a barbecue at his house at 5 pm on Saturday – come if you’d like – bring a dish to share!  Christine Steele had to leave early but she wanted to remember Tom Van Vleck’s wife.